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Denise Kelly

Region(s) North Dublin, Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Meath

  • Company: Career Decisions / CDT (Coach Develop Transform)
  • Telephone:01 6340077
  • Email:info@coachdeveloptransform.com
  • Website:www.coachdeveloptransform.com

Qualifications and Affiliations

• B.Ed (Hons) Communication Studies
• H.Dip Education
• Diploma in Education Administration
• Education Law Level 9 Qualification (Law Society of Ireland)
• QQI Certificate Professional Coaching: Practice and Ethics
Additional Courses/Professional Development
• IBEC- delivered, Education and Training Board Ireland’s Leadership Development Programme
• Technology of Participation – group facilitation methods, London
• Irish Public Administration - Project Management
• Carr Communications - negotiation and presentation skills
• British Council - Inspection of National Association of British Schools in Spain

Current and Former Memberships
• Association of Coach Ireland
Junior Cycle for Teachers Associate Member for School Leadership
• European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
• Management body’s nominee to Boards of Management of two post-primary schools
• Irish Institute of Training and Development
• Teaching Council Ireland
• National Council for Special Education’s Consultative Forum

Experience in one to one coaching

Experience in Area of Coaching
As a former Principal and Deputy Principal, Denise has worked in both disadvantaged (DEIS) Post-Primary Schools in Ireland as well as internationally in private Secondary Schools in Spain where she worked with three Educations systems. She has been a Director of eleven Schools.

Denise has lectured in several third level institutions and has represented state agencies at National and International levels, addressing education conferences and symposia across Europe.

Her extensive experience in leadership and management of Schools in Ireland is informed by a career spanning over thirty-four years. She held the position of National Co-ordinator of Transition Year, and as an Education Officer with the National Council of Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). As part of her role at NCCA, Denise led the development of curriculum in three Junior Cycle areas over five years.

Her own experience in Educational Leadership means she is uniquely placed to understand the challenges faced by senior leaders in Education, both personally and professionally. Denise has coached Education Leaders in areas such as time management, stress management, team building, project management, implementation of the new Junior Cycle, school self-evaluation, conflict management, consolations, student voice and career progression.

Feedback from those she has coached including the NCCA and an Education and Training Board, has highlighted her warm infectious personality, her positive approach and more notably her comprehensive experience of Education. Denise has an ability to coach clients towards practical and realistic resolutions that play to their strengths and enhance their professional development.

“Denise’s easy down-to-earth approach managed to inspire me with trust and confidence from day one. She’s a superb listener. She helps me clarify my ideas and supports me in reflecting prior to making decisions. She has enabled me to lead innovative developments in our school which mean that we are seen as leaders in our sector, always ahead when it comes to curriculum development or student wellbeing. Such support has served to enhance my own self-esteem, professional confidence and satisfaction and career progression”.
Principal of a Secondary School

“Denise’s philosophy is that Leadership is essentially about relationships. As a school leader there is nothing to equal a Coach like Denise with the extensive experience of Education and network of contacts that she has. Her prolific knowledge and bird’s eye view of what is going on in Education in Ireland and beyond is invaluable. She was excellent at encouraging me to consider leadership from different perspectives and acknowledged my accomplishments despite the many challenges I faced daily as a school principal”.
Primary School Principal

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