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Shane Mackle

Region(s) North Dublin, Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Meath-South Dublin, West Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow

Qualifications and Affiliations

Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, Academy of Executive Coaching (AOEC)
Systemic Team Coaching, AOEC
Coaching Mastery, Michael Neill
Coaching Skills, Myles Downey
Master’s Degree in Business Administration, University of Ulster
Founding Member Association for Coaching (Ireland) 2007

Experience in one to one coaching

My aim as a coach is to help clients enjoy thinking and performing brilliantly.

I establish a clear focus on tangible results with clients so that they appreciate the cause and effect relationships between their thinking/behaviours and the results they are getting.

I work with Principals and senior managers, enabling them to:

• Make best use of their time in leading and developing their people at the organisation, team and individual level
• Prioritise, focus and self-manage – achieving strategic and operational balance
• Energise their team and sustain a high level of performance in themselves and their people
• Drive appropriate levels of accountability throughout the team structure
• Have difficult conversations with colleagues when necessary and do so with confidence and compassion
• Engage with and fully utilise the resources available through the Board of Management.

I have provided one-to-one coaching to Principals via CSL over the last 3 years. With over 20 years’ experience in management consultancy and leadership development I have delivered over 2000 hours of leadership coaching across: education; professional services; finance; food and drink; engineering; manufacturing and construction. Clients include: BBC NI; A+L Goodbody; Translink; Westland Horticulture. I was one of a 3-person team providing coaching input to 15 Heads of School in Trinity College, Dublin as part of its Leadership Development Programme (2015/6).

As a Director of Director Development Ireland Ltd (2007-2017) I managed a coaching programme that developed over 300 directors/senior managers. Director Development Ireland is the organisation through which the Institute of Directors has provided the Chartered Director Programme in Ireland, north and south.
Increasingly my coaching work includes supporting clients in adopting coaching approaches to the management and development of their people.

I also work with management teams to help them develop clarity in their collective purpose and improve how they think, create and perform together.

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