Roger Cawley

Roger Cawley

Region(s) Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Longford, Mayo, Roscommon


·          Advanced Diploma in Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching, Kingstown College 

·          Bachelor of Business, Institute of Technology Sligo


 Additional Courses/Professional Development: 

·          Graduate Diploma in Management Studies, Institute of Commercial Management 

·          Management Development Programme, Irish Management Institute 



Experience in Area of Coaching 

  • Over the last 10 years, Roger has conducted hundreds of coaching sessions with leaders in areas such as change management, building high performing teams, resilience, achieving business objectives 
  • Roger has a very strong background in coaching with an excellent track record of developing people to higher levels of performance, in line with the goals of the organisation 
  • Roger was instrumental in implementing a major leadership development initiative that used the Cohen Brown methodology to promote engagement, accountability and motivation in leaders 
  • Roger is an experienced management professional who has 25 years of achievements, including 15 years at senior leadership level, and overall responsibility for 100 staff  
  • Roger has been involved in four major change programmes, coaching leaders and employees through complex change processes 


Roger’s specialist expertise:

  • Coaching for Peak Performance
  •  Enabling leaders to develop to their full potential
  •  Motivating self and others, maintaining high levels of engagement
  • Management of time and workload for self and others
  • Challenging self-imposed limitations
  • Building trust through observation and feedback
  • Building confidence and resilience through goal setting, managing self-talk and visualisation
  • Understanding personal and organisational values
  •  Improved performance in both individuals and teams
  • Change management
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Managing stakeholders' expectations


With a background in school management, having served as a member of School Boards of Management as well as serving on the finance committee of a School Board, Roger has a very good understanding of the school landscape and the challenges faced by Principals. 

Roger has more than 10 years of experience in coaching and developing leaders.  He is a keen listener, putting clients at ease and ensuring an open and honest coaching relationship from the start. 

Roger coaches every client to reach higher levels of performance for themselves and the people they lead.  He encourages clients to set goals and take responsibility for their achievements.  He works with clients to enable them to realise their own strengths, so that they and their teams can achieve success. 

As a leader himself, he has championed team engagement and saw his organisation reap the benefits in terms of business success and staff retention, even in the face of challenging organisational change. 

Roger is a strong believer that the Leader makes the difference; he knows investment in the leader is key to high performing teams and organisations. 


Roger possesses every quality you would want in a great coach.  I would highly recommend him as a coach.  He asks the right questions to get clarity about situations and to identify goals & objectives that result in big pay offs.  I found his various coaching and leadership tools very powerful. He is intelligent, motivated, disciplined and eager for his coachee to do well.

(Managing Director, SME)

My performance in my leadership role improved significantly with the guidance, coaching and support of Roger.  I am a much better leader and person, as a result of my time working with Roger. His informal but very effective coaching style, helped me develop myself and my team to new levels of effectiveness and resulted in my branch being awarded most improved branch in Ireland. I would regard Roger as a professional, competent and highly effective coach whose coaching ability is second to none.


 (Senior Leader, Financial Services)  

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