Ann Kelly

Region(s) Cork, Kerry, Limerick

  • Company: Taylor Clarke
  • Telephone:+353 (0) 1 507 9417
  • Website:http://

Qualifications and Affiliations

CoachU graduate, Master NLP Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapist.

Experience in one to one coaching

For the last sixteen years, 80% of my coaching has been one to one with clients either in person or on the phone. I have coached hundreds of clients for periods ranging from 3 months to 4 years. Some I’ve never met as they live in Russia, USA, Europe and the UK.

My client base, male and female includes artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and senior executives from a range of disciplines and industries.

I was hired to coach the management team of a company, on an individual basis over a three-year period. The company had just been through a merger and they wanted an external coach to help them through the process. Each manager had one two-hour introductory session in person, followed by five one-hour sessions on the phone. Some managers had taken new roles. For some communication with the parent company was challenging. Relationships with certain employees had become difficult. All managers were stressed and overstretched; and their confidence was dented.

The results
• Increased self-confidence and assertiveness
• Cutting through emotions to deal with facts lead to increased clarity in communication
• Elimination of time wasting activities
• Greater personal balance reduced stress levels
• Application of coaching techniques resulted in more effective handling of issues.
• Decision making improved
• Better delegation of tasks
• Productivity increased e.g. reports completed before deadline
• Handling of difficult performances improved.
• Managers brought coaching principles into home environment = better quality of life
• Fewer sick days were taken.

One of the senior managers wrote “These sessions gave me practical tools on how to empower others and therefore empower myself.”

Years after our coaching relationship has ended, clients have contacted me to say they are still benefiting from the coaching.

As they enter different phases in their personal and work lives, some clients return for coaching.

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