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Ann Kelly

Region(s) Cork, Kerry, Limerick

Qualifications and Affiliations

Coach U Graduate
NLP Master Practitioner
Certified “Working Coach”
Certificate in “Social Artistry in Leadership” with Dr. Jean Houston
I adhere to ethics of International Coaching Federation

Experience in one to one coaching

Since 2017 I have been coaching principals under the CSL coaching initiative. I’m also coaching school leadership teams.

“Working with Ann, my stress has reduced. My confidence has grown and instead of putting off difficult conversations with staff and parents, I’m dealing with issues as they come up.“ Principal

Results principals achieved
• Increased self-confidence and assertiveness
• Greater personal balance, reduced stress
• Increased clarity in communications
• More time efficient and productive meetings
• Significant reduction in time wasting activities.
• Better working relationships with staff and BOM
• Better decision making, effective delegation
• Productivity increased e.g. reports completed on time
• More staff taking ownership of projects.
• Handling of difficult performances improved
• Application of coaching techniques meant more effective handling of issues at work and at home.
• Fewer sick days taken.

Typical challenges principals faced
• High stress levels
• Constantly increasing workload
• Difficult relationships with staff
• Time management
• Dealing with challenging parents
• Poor work life balance
• Health compromised

Through the coaching process, principals gained insights and awareness and they made key changes in how they approach their work and their personal lives. My coaching supported them as they rose to the challenges they faced. Their results changed their lives for the better.

“I changed from being always stressed about the job to rediscovering I had a life and the better I am in myself the better I am at the job. I now see possibilities where before there were only problems.“ Principal

For the last twenty years I’ve coached hundreds of clients.

The school principals I’ve coached had similar challenges to my clients, artists, business owners, managers, professionals and senior executives.

Years later, clients contact me to say the coaching is still benefiting them.

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This service is managed by Clare Education Centre.