Niamh Tokins


 Region(s) South Dublin, West Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow

 Qualifications and Affiliations / Experience in one to one coaching

Niamh has worked for over 20 years in the Human Resources, Coaching and Leadership development field and has extensive first-hand experience in leading, developing & coaching individuals & teams.

Niamh understands that the demands on a school principal differ from school to school and she is passionate about helping principals figure out how to maximise their impact in their environment.

The principals who have worked with Niamh have valued this approach and have identified their strengths,  how to play to them and what their potential stumbling blocks are and how to overcome them.

Niamh has particular interest in helping principals build the skills of assertiveness and managing conflict, important when having difficult conversations that are part of the role of being a school leader.  The principals who have worked with Niamh have also valued her help in developing strategies to manage & implement change, overcome resistance and manage the performance of their teams.  Niamh also helps principals focus on their own well-being and that of their teams by providing structures & options to prioritise their workloads, build personal resilience, and manage stress effectively.  Newly appointed principals have valued her approach whether transitioning from team member to principal or being appointed externally.

Niamh's coaching style is supportive, probing, humorous and practical with a focus on how to get real change in the workplace and how to build self-confidence.  One of Niamh's key assets is to connect quickly with people and this allows the principals who have worked with her the space for reflection, in a trusting environment, helping them to draw on their own resources to develop the best approach to workplace challenges.  The principals who have worked with Niamh have also used this time to get clarity on their vision, goals and objectives for the school.  In addition to coaching principals, Niamh has also worked with their leadership teams (A&B posts) to help gain greater clarity on roles, purpose, priorities and better ways of working together.

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