‘Embrace the change’

"Everything in this planet is in a state of constant change - You’re not an exception – Embrace the change". Karen Salmansohn

If ever there was a challenge set, this was it: ‘Embrace the change’. We were all a little shell shocked on the 12th of March when we heard the news that we were closing. Immediately our Senior Management team sprang to action to prepare our classes, colleagues and parents to the best of our abilities in two hours, for what we thought lay ahead. Now, as I type I think back to that day and reflect on how much has changed since again – the only constant being the continual change!

We have, as a school, like many others, immersed ourselves into the Digital Learning World – a world we were quite comfortable with already. But new challenges were set for us – how to lead all teachers, parents and children through this new way of home learning. Never a school to shy away from a challenge, we set to create a world of learning, collaborating and leading through video conferencing our Senior Management meetings, Middle Management meetings, SET meetings, Digital Learning Team meetings and Class Level meetings. We even managed to liaise with our former colleague Múinteoir John from the RTÉ School Hub and encourage him from afar! We have supported each other and listened to each other - we have listened to families who are finding this experience very challenging. We have been sympathetic and compassionate and have reached out to these and all families, while also engaging in personal connections with our more vulnerable children. 

I am proud of what we, as a staff have done in such a short space of time and the way we are continuing to adapt with every new announcement. I am also immensely proud of the children around Ireland who have adapted to their new world and will one day look back and think how they have shown resiliency, patience and above all, how they dealt with their state of constant change and how they embraced it.


Éidín Macnamara is an Assistant Principal in Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School. She is currently teaching in a SET role and has 23 years teaching experience.

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